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The Worlds most innovative companies: how they work

How does the worlds most innovative companies, such as Pixar, X the moonshot factory at Google, Dropbox or LEGO organize their work to win? This session will give you insights, strategies and methods to inspire your own new ways of working. It brings 30+ examples of ways of working that supports innovation, accomplishment and creativity gathered from interviews and visits with the companies we know to be the Worlds most innovative

How are the world's most innovative companies working in 2021?

How are they building hybrid, virtual and creative work settings that spur innovation?

Which competencies are they fostering, what are their learning strategies - and how does everyday innovation take place?

This talk is ever evolving, as it is the result of monthly interviews with companies such as X at Google, Spotify, LEGO, Airbnb and many more. 

This talk has a DNA that will be fitted to your context/company: 

A new world means new ways of working
Technology & the future

Experiments from the worlds most innovative companies
More innovation, new digital structures, work optimized for the brain

Breakthrough thinking, your personal lessons
From 10% to 10x, lead with questions, house rules for innovation

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