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Get SH*T done

How do you get more productive, efficient and accomplished at work? This talk is a deep dive into the NeuroScience of attention, deep work, flow states and your best thinking. We will look at how you can apply strategies, methods and tools to your work immediately - that will optimize how you get your sh*t done, while your work life, surplus of energy and well-being improves.

How can you rethink work towards 2030? What should your office encourage your people to do? What does performance look like with brain principles? How can the office be a place for cultural richness and rituals among colleagues - a place for learning, innovation and conversation? When should you work from home and when are you more productive when you are not at the office? How can we rethink meetings, mails and corporate culture - to design sustainable work lifes to fit the future, using the unique set of possibilities technology has given us?

This research area has many facets, and your talk should be tailormade after your needs - the conversation you wish to ignite with your team.

REMOTE - OR ONSITE? New strategies for work from home, the office, co-working spaces and remote work

YOUR BRAIN AT WORK - when, where and how to work, according to your brain. NeuroScience of productivity, focus, innovation and learning

WORK = LEARNING How to design work, for learning and uplifting skillsets and mindsets for a new world

THE WORLDS MOST INNOVATIVE offices. How do they look? How are they designed? And how do they nudge the new work rituals

THE BIOPHILIC OFFICE - nature impacts your innovation capability in big ways, that you can harness in your office design for greater productivity, focus, creativity and thriving.

SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIES - from the worlds most innovative companies.

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