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Brain based work design

Brain based work design is the foundation for the new era of work. One where work increasingly is cognitive. For you to perform, be innovative, think big and use your creativity - you need to hit your balance point. Like an athlete. You are a corporate athlete, and your performance and strength are based in your brains principles for optimal function - and these should be at the core of a work week, if you want to top your game. This talk is about how to use NeuroScience as a foundation for designing better ways of working, that leads to thriving, innovation and 44% less stress (as the most recent international company I worked with, gained).

There are some things you cannot copy, and then there are data-proven, validated experiences from front running pioneers, you absolutely can make your own and apply. Take a look at the 7 arenas: 

Insights from interviews with Dropbox, NASA, Spotify, Pixar, LEGO, Google, Slack, Gusto etc.


Tech Execs - how can you stay relevant in the technological era, if you don´t have a leadership and executives with competencies in AI, robotics, VR, IoT and data? What should you think about hiring for?

Build Key Learning Indicators - because work is learning, a constant pursuit of creating value in new ways with new tools, is needed. How does KLIs look and work? Get the details.

Pursue 10x thinking, not 10% improvements - want to be innovative? Think bigger! How does 10x thinking look - and how do you facilitate it? 

Lead with questions - builds the right mindset in the company, not to stiffen and be over confident - but to seek new solutions, while the core business is still growing. How can a strategy, a team goal or a workweek look - in questions?

Experiment with your ways of working - constantly experimenting with new ways of organizing and working is key. These are not reorganizations - but experiments - collective learnings, that will bring data and meaning and make your organization love change because they are improvements.

Build a rich culture with bold goals - talent and the next generations of employees wants work with meaning, creating change in positive ways. How do you set up your culture for big thinking - and deep connections? 

The personal recommendations - "learn something significantly new every month" "spend one hour a day reflecting" "seek the edges of your community" "get up at 5 in the morning and practice creativity rituals" "meditate" "have rules for meetings" - these advices comes from exceptional innovators, make them and many more your own.

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