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Innovator of work.
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Helping your company rethink work for the future

Innovating work, through Science, for the future

The worklife of the 21st Century demands more originality, drive, innovation and creativity of us. You will need 7 educations in 1 career to keep your skillset  relevant in the digital world.

The demand of learning new, hard things fast, while executing with speed and great quality in your worklife, calls for a reinvention of how you work.
One that is optimized for your brains way of performing.

A brain based work design will let you reimagine how work can be organized.
Once you know your brains performance patterns through Science about your circadian rythm, your attention span, cognitive switching, deep thinking, flow, execution and creativity - then it will seem intuitive to design a worklife that is in sync with your brains rythm of performance.

This is an invitation to reimagine how you work and live in balance
- because our best work, our highest creativity and most brilliant thinking comes when we are balanced. Our brains cannot be creative when we are stressed and over committed.

I do deep sessions, keynotes and projects
with companies that wants Science based inspiration and tools
to build a sustainable way of working.

For the past 12 years, I´ve interviewed more than 500 key leaders at Pixar, X the Moonshot factory at Google, NASA, Dropbox, Spotify, Stanford University & many more, to distill their wisdom into new and future proof ways of working.

45-60 mins expert
deep-dive to ignite and inspire employees & audiences


Novo Nordisk
...and many more

A 2 hour hands-on format to take the first steps in redesigning work


Novo Nordisk
Dubai Government
Dubai Data
Hyper Island
Bacon Production
Projects from 1 month to 1 year, redesigning work for innovation, creativity and well-being


Quantic School of Business and Technology
MBR Space Center
Novo Nordisk


My field of expertise evolves around The Future of Work, specifically how we redesign work to be sustainable, secure Work Life balance - while boosting innovation, creativity and accomplishment.

My keynote at your company, conference or event can have different nuances, which you can read more about below.
Brain based work design

Brain based work design is the foundation for the new era of work. One where work increasingly is cognitive. For you to perform, be innovative, think big and use your creativity - you need to hit your balance point. Like an athlete. You are a corporate athlete, and your performance and strength are based in your brains principles for optimal function - and these should be at the core of a work week, if you want to top your game. This talk is about how to use NeuroScience as a foundation for designing better ways of working, that leads to thriving, innovation and 44% less stress (as the most recent international company I worked with, gained).

Get SH*T done

How do you get more productive, efficient and accomplished at work? This talk is a deep dive into the NeuroScience of attention, deep work, flow states and your best thinking. We will look at how you can apply strategies, methods and tools to your work immediately - that will optimize how you get your sh*t done, while your work life, surplus of energy and well-being improves.

The Worlds most innovative companies: how they work

How does the worlds most innovative companies, such as Pixar, X the moonshot factory at Google, Dropbox or LEGO organize their work to win? This session will give you insights, strategies and methods to inspire your own new ways of working. It brings 30+ examples of ways of working that supports innovation, accomplishment and creativity gathered from interviews and visits with the companies we know to be the Worlds most innovative

The NeuroScience of Creativity

How about boosting your creativity 60% within half an hour? Or how about knowing what happiness has to do with a 300% higher innovation output? This talk will show you the Science of our best thinking, alongside the tools you, your team and your organization can apply to your work routines tomorrow.

“Louise is truly brilliant, acting as a catalyst and lifting the process, discussion or project into a different league, yet keeping focus.”

“Louise has an enormous mental capacity, is inspiring and a great pleasure to work with.”
Preben Mejer
Father of the Internet in Denmark

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